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Multiple studies have shown that the interior design of a medical office matters to reducing patient stress and is conducive for a return for additional treatments.

A patient at an aesthetic medical practice does not have the equivalent stress levels of a cancer patient (cosmetic treatments are by-and-large elective decisions), but the aesthetic setting is very important.

Medical spas were the catalyst to the expansion of slick, non-medical feeling aesthetic offices. But rather than slipping into a sense of peace and tranquility, the consumer should remain focused on what really counts.

Some medical spas, for instance, operate without a doctor on the premise or a doctor with deep expertise in delivering cosmetic services. Most of medical spa complications occur when a doctor is not present. Patients should be sure to ask the right questions before undergoing any type of procedure to ensure they are in good hands: who will be providing the medical service, what are their credentials, training and track record, how many days a week does the person perform these procedures?

Cosmetic treatments to avoid at a doctor-free medspa:

  • Laser or injection treatments for spider veins
  • Strong chemical peels
  • Tattoo removal
  • Fraxel for broken blood vessels, redness, or scars
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  • How Much Does Fraxel Laser Cost?

    Fraxel laser treatments are very popular due to the glitzy marketing by the manufacturer. Patients satisfaction with results and physicians opinion on efficacy and their return on investment are mixed. Very mixed.

    Here is a good source of opinions shared by actual patients who have had Fraxel:

    Interactive map of Fraxel costs

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  • Fraxel Treatment: Before and After Pictures

    Fraxel treatment was designed to provide profound rejuvenation results with minimum pain and downtime for the patient. Results and opinions are still mixed on all counts.

    We recommend the following growing before and after picture collections:

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  • How Much does the Laser Hair Removal Cost?

    Laser hair removal is a very mature market in the U.S. and costs do not vary dramatically for comparable types of facilities.

    There are clinics and franchises that specialize exclusively in laser hair removal. Typically these facilities provide a high level of safety, customer satisfaction and long lasting results. However, since the actual procedures are not administered by a doctor, you should check the track record of the specific facility and the technician who will work with you.

    There are fly-by-night medspas, which can offer the lowest price and the highest risk. These are typically operated by aestheticians. A medical doctor would sign off their charts without actually seeing the patient. More due diligence is required before you can accept their offer.

    Many physician’s offices have started offering laser hair removal as an add-on ancillary service. Treatments are usually done by physicians and carry the lowest level of risk for the patient. The physician’s fees may be on a higher side, but doctors realize the spectrum of risk and appreciate the value of their license, so they can (and they should) command a higher fee.

    You can get a good idea of the laser hair removal costs by reviewing the following useful resources:

    Interactive map of LHR costs

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  • Laser Hair Removal: Before & After Pictures

    Laser hair removal, aka permanent laser hair reduction, is becoming a standard routine hair treatment as more people realise the aesthetic and long-term cost benefits of this type of laser procedures. You may spend upwards of $3,000 for a full body treatment, but relatively few people actually do it. The majority of laser hair removal is done on the face, neck, chest, armpits, bikini line, and other spots. Low cost, great results and maintenance-free – that’s what you get after a completed series of laser hair removal procedures performed by an expert.

    We recommend the following growing before and after picture collections:

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  • does not provide medical advice. Opinions published herein are subjective opinions of our authors and contributors. This post contains some of the more frequently asked questions posted by consumers and answers provided by medical practitioners.

    Actifirm Post Laser Gel combines skin-soothers like Aloe and Chamomile with a Mushroom-derived, exfoliating enzyme, Mucor Miehi Extract, to inhibit pain and inflammation, while helping renew your skin to its freshest form. You’ll be looking your best in no time.

    More skin care recommendations by

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  • How Much Does IPL Treatment Cost?

    IPL treatments are very popular due to the long history of use, large installed base and recent technological advances. You will find an IPL in many medical aesthetic practices. How much does a treatment costs? Depends on a treatment.

    Here is a good source of opinions shared by actual patients who have had one or more types of IPL treatments:

    Interactive map of IPL treatment costs

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