Toenail fungus, aka onychomycosis, is a very common problem. The numbers vary depending on the source, but we are talking 20-30 million in the U.S. alone. Most are mild cases, which are not accounted for because people do not go to the doctor to diagnose their smelly feet with ugly deformed nails.

Several laser companies are working on clinical studies and FDA approvals, but practitioners do not have to wait – they are free to perform off label procedures with the lasers they own or rent.

Anecdotal evidence is growing to confirm that laser treatment of the fungus is a lot more efficacious (75-90% cure rate) than topical solutions (8-10%) and oral medication (30-40%). Lasers are quickly becoming a new way to treat nail infection by selectively irradiating fungi while leaving the nail and surrounding tissue intact.

Onychomycosis is more common among people over the age of 50 who should avoid toxic medication. Podiatrists and other physicians who have started performing these treatments charge from $850 to $1,400 per treatment (all toes have to be treated at the same time). Thus, the market for non-invasive, drug free (only topicals for prevention) and simple laser procedures is huge, a billion-dollar-plus per year huge.

Currently only a few hundred doctors in the U.S. offer the laser therapy and they are not easy to find. A medical referral service called Laser for Toe specializes in setting up free doctor appointments for people with toenail fungus. They can find a laser doc near you.