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Integrating Aesthetic Medicine into Primary Care

Primary care providers chose their profession out of a desire to help patients live better and longer lives according to the Hippocratic Oath. But the winds of change are blowing stronger across the landscape of medical practices throughout America. Now, more than ever, practitioners wishing to fulfill their calling are increasingly challenged on all sides by the pressures of time, patient demands, and complexity in the health insurance industry, government involvement and economics.

Many primary care providers (PCPs) find themselves on a treadmill, trying to maintain the highest standards of care while also endeavoring to achieve the rewards they and their families deserve to compensate the years and high cost of medical training and the long hours devoted to this most noble profession. There are several strategies to bring the economics of medical practice back into balance: work more hours and see more patients (not usually possible); raise fees (not practical given insurance industry dynamics); cut costs further (many practices are already close to a point of diminishing returns); or offer new, cash-based medical services.


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  • Is There Room in the Medical Spa Industry?

    Plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, OB/GYNs and even family doctors are expanding into the med spa market. Lured by the business buzz medical professionals view cash paid aesthetic medicine as a way to boost their profit, reduce the daily grind and countless complications of their practice.

    Many find out about growth reports, discover bright cutting edge technology in industry shows, and follow competition in fear that they may be sliding behind. With pencil at hand they are prepared to sign rent agreements, loan paperwork and a lot of checks to be able to get caught up with a group of informed businessmen that know where serious action is. And the reality is that some people may be right. Skin clinics are the advancement of aesthetic medicine, and those that do not sign up for the revolution may watch from the sidelines as their fortune is decided.


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  • Wavelengths for Laser Lipolysis

    Several lasers are used for lipolysis – a recognized technique for fat reduction. It has been demonstrated that (i) fat liquefaction is induced through a temperature elevation of the adipocyte cells, and (ii) fat volume reduction depends on total cumulative energy delivered at the treatment site. Which wavelength (920nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1320nm, and 1440nm) is the best?

    Studies and substantial anecdotal evidence show that the penetration depth of wavelengths between 900 and 1320nm is very similar – around 1.5mm. The only minor difference is at 1440nm, which is more absorbed by subcutaneous fat. The irreversibly damaged volume of tissue is also similar for wavelengths between 920 and 1320nm. Practitioners obtain the total of about 4cm3 with 3750J delivered to the tissue.

    With laser lipolysis, thermal elevation of a given volume can be obtained provided that the penetration depth remains in this nominal range. This explains why similar end results can be obtained using 920nm, 980nm, 1064nm, and 1320nm. Thermal build-up is the main factor behind adipocytolysis and skin contraction. Successful outcomes are dependent primarily on the movement of the optical fiber inside the tissue and even and stable delivery of the laser energy. It’s the hands of the surgeon that truly make a difference!

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  • 2009 Cosmetic Sugery Outlook

    During this harsh economic time, it is important to realize all the great things cosmetic surgeons can offer their patients. There are three main points that I believe are the keys to driving the cosmetic surgery industry throughout 2010.

    First is the new, emerging technologies and applications. The advancement of lasers and the prolific results they can provide to the patients continues to impress practitioners. Some of the most significant changes have occurred in the use of fractionated lasers, automated lipolysis and a few specialty areas such as the use of lasers in the treatment of nail fungus.

    Second is the great push with gynecologists pursuing cosmetic surgery. The scientific research incorporating the two has created the cosmetogynecology specialty. This specialty is fast growing and includes some of the best OB/GYNs practicing and continuing the education of cosmetic surgery.

    Third is the field of the less costly but highly effective cosmetic procedures. For example, there has been a high demand for fillers and laser oriented procedures that require less money and less downtime for recovery. As a result, the patient is saving some money and is able to return to work quicker. It is a win-win situation as long as patient safety is still being practiced.

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