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Researching the market, model and the budget for the perfect laser is a difficult task for any medical professional entering or expanding in the field of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. Identifying and researching the applicable aesthetic laser treatment or aesthetic laser surgery and  finding a qualified and caring aesthetic physician is a challenge for many consumers.

The anti-aging and aesthetic medicine field is replete with hype and gimmicks, most of which are borrowed from the skin care industry. It is important for the aesthetic medical market to draw the line between what works and what doesn’t, and to have an on-going discussion about how to truly slow the skin aging process without sliding into the glitzy marketing perfected by the skin care industry.

For medical aesthetic laser clinics and physicians, information is the lifeline of a successful practice. The more you know about the marketplace, latest aesthetic trends and laser technologies, your customers and your competitors, the more likely you will find suitable aesthetic laser solutions and have a positive number on the bottom line. For a consumer, bombarded by many options, an educated choice of the right procedure and the right provider, is paramount.

Though aesthetic lasers have become ubiquitous in the marketplace, medical professionals underestimate their value and they remain largely unknown to the general public.

The aesthetic market is growing even during the economic recession. Aesthetic laser manufacturers are in cut-throat competition and speakers at every medical and aesthetic convention present new blockbuster cosmetic laser technology.

There are many lasers: Alexandrite, Erbium, Nd:YAG, CO2, red laser, green laser, LED blue light laser, diode, pulsed dye laser, a mysterious cool touch laser… Which one is for hair removal? Photo rejuvenation, photofacial, skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, skin tightening? How about active acne? Which one is a laser and which one is an IPL? What’s the difference? All of these light-based devices seem to be doing the same thing! Some can do a lot of things! Prices are all over the place: from low $40K to well over $150K!

How do you choose? Which one is the right machine for your practice? Which one will give you the best return and a lot of happy patients? What is an aesthetic laser?

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Our staff and contributors research and use the Aesthetic Lasers blog to publish materials on two subjects:

  • What aesthetic lasers offer to a large range of medical and aesthetic practitioners and their customers; and

  • What laser offers are available on the market and how they stack up

Learn to navigate the complex world of aesthetic lasers:

  • The basics of light-based devices and their applications
  • Most popular and effective surgical and non-invasive aesthetic treatments
  • Technology information relevant to your needs and plans (so you can better evaluate different laser systems)
  • News and articles focused on topics that impact the daily operation of aesthetic practices using lasers

Our goal is to save you time and money while making the right purchasing decision to improve your bottom line. is a solution to your stacks of unread journals. LaserOffers’ materials can be delivered to your e-mail inbox via rss subscription. is for:

  • Physicians who have a scientific interest in exploring the Aesthetic Medical facet of their clinical practice, regardless of specialty: dermatologists, family and general practice physicians, cosmetic surgeons, obstetricians/gynecologists, and dentists to name but a few. Any medical or aesthetic practitioner is welcome to contribute to the blog and share your experience with the community.
  • Consumers seeking information about available aesthetic treatments with the use of skin lasers.

We are not:

  • Sales representatives of any laser company
  • Middlemen of any sort
  • Trade show, exhibition or professional association management company
  • Publishers of any trade periodicals
  • Part of any promotional campaign
  • Market research company


For relevant published trials we search:

  • Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
  • PsycInfo
  • ISI Science Citation Index
  • Dissertation Abstracts International
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