Plastic surgeon Stuart A. Linder, M.D., Beverly Hills does it – and so can you! Dr. Linder connects with viewers as he sits comfortably in his office chair and talks candidly about his credentials and cosmetic surgery on YouTube. His patients offer testimonials about their experiences under his care, and people from around the globe comment on what they have seen and what they know. Thousands of people watch these video clips daily!

YouTube has evolved into a very important communication and marketing medium, which is being adopted by more advanced aesthetic practices.

Every aesthetic practice should have a nice and functional website, fully optimized so people can find you, and interactive. Search engine optimization and Google ad words are a requirement today. But you also need to spread the word by taking advantage of free portals (forums and blogs) where consumers congregate to learn more about aesthetics and laser modalities.

People read less and prefer to watch short and highly focused “how-to” videos.

Anybody can get on YouTube with little effort but with a good strategy. Consumers want to know more about their common concerns and issues, as well as timely news and research in the field of cosmetic surgery. Who can better explain the intricacies of laser treatments than a friendly looking doctors talking to you in the privacy of your home and  using popular terms?

Educational video clips help promote your practice to a broader audience and translate into more frequent visits to your trips and eventually into growing revenue for your practice.

Your aesthetic videos do not have to be a television-quality production, they can be somewhat blurry but convincing and somewhat entertaining. You can spend $50 to produce a 90 second video or $5,000, but the result might be the same - such is the Internet culture today.

Encourage your patients to post their comments and you will increase the visibility of your practice ten fold in no time.

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