In addition to the LightSheer(R) Duet(TM) Diode Laser System, Lumenis(R) rolled out another laser at the 2009 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

The system is called UltraPulse 4x for Fractional C02 Rejuvenation, which will significantly reduce treatment times to provide cost-effective-high value cosmetic options during challenging economic times.

“The cosmetic industry is certainly feeling the effects of the economy and the resulting decline in elective, fee-per-service procedures. We have focused our development efforts on time and cost saving innovations that will provide physicians with innovative and competitive solutions that can sustain, differentiate and grow their business during challenging times”, said Mr. Robert Mann, General Manager of Lumenis Global Aesthetics and Dermatology.

The UltraPulse CO2 Laser System delivers ActiveFX, DeepFX and TotalFX fractional resurfacing in a single treatment with only a single pass. The new UltraPulse 4X upgrade now covers twice the treatment area and twice the speed. These changes significantly improve practitioner and patient acceptance of fractional resurfacing, as well as increase the revenue potential for physician practices and clinics.

The UltraPulse 4X has a micro-second pulse, which allows efficient ablation, lower downtime and more comfortable treatment. The UltraPulse 4X now covers twice the surface area per scan, expanding from 7x7mm to 10x10mm and delivers twice the pulse speed, from 300Hz to 600Hz. comment

Fast is good when patients, for whom time is money, are lining up at the door of the physician’s office. What’s the rush in a slow economy? These days, esthetic practices are looking for patients who are looking for jobs. Bothe have time to spare. Affordability of a laser procedure is key, but it is unlikely that with the high cost device physicians will be able to drop their fees.