Doctor Roger Bassin of The Bassin Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FL is one of few surgeons in Florida, who does water and laser assisted awake lipolysis.

Here is how he does it (the smart combo lipolysis):

1. Small incisions in targeted numbed areas (e.g. abdomen and love handles).

2. Water spray into the area (in his words: “With traditional liposuction, the stuff everyone sees on TV with the doctor literally going back and forth, what you’re doing is making mashed potatoes out of somebody”). Instead of using harsh motions to dislodge fat, the water gently breaks it up. You could call it the lipo dissolve stage.

3. Getle suction of fat: “The way I can describe it is almost like playing the violin, very gentle,” says Dr. Bassin.

4. Laser treatment to tighten skin and melt away leftover fat.
With this new procedure, there’s less bruising, swelling and trauma to the nerves, muscles and skin. It costs about $3000, which is less than standard lipo because patients don’t require general anesthesia.

“The patient’s going to drive themselves to the office, get the procedure done, drive themselves home, go back to work that day or the next day.”

This is what I can call truly smart lipo.

Happy lipo, everybody!