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Laser for Skin of Color

Dark skin is always a challenge for skin practitioners, and yet a wide variety of complicated skin conditions such as pigmentation disorders including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma, keloid and hypertrophic scars, as well as pseudo folliculitis barbae (PFB), occur more frequently in people-of-color than Caucasian skin types.

Maritza Perez, MD in New York is among a small number of well-known physicians who specialize in treatments for patients of color. With over 15 years of experience, she is also recognized as one of the top authorities on how lasers and other cosmetic treatments can be best performed on skin of color patients. Like most other aesthetic physicians Dr. Perez prefers using Nd:YAG 1064 nm lasers on darker skin. YAG is the most widely recognized modality for safe and efficacious treatment of Fitzpatrick IV-VI in any laser clinic or medspa.

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  • Integrating Aesthetic Medicine into Primary Care

    Primary care providers chose their profession out of a desire to help patients live better and longer lives according to the Hippocratic Oath. But the winds of change are blowing stronger across the landscape of medical practices throughout America. Now, more than ever, practitioners wishing to fulfill their calling are increasingly challenged on all sides by the pressures of time, patient demands, and complexity in the health insurance industry, government involvement and economics.

    Many primary care providers (PCPs) find themselves on a treadmill, trying to maintain the highest standards of care while also endeavoring to achieve the rewards they and their families deserve to compensate the years and high cost of medical training and the long hours devoted to this most noble profession. There are several strategies to bring the economics of medical practice back into balance: work more hours and see more patients (not usually possible); raise fees (not practical given insurance industry dynamics); cut costs further (many practices are already close to a point of diminishing returns); or offer new, cash-based medical services.


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  • 2009 Cosmetic Sugery Outlook

    During this harsh economic time, it is important to realize all the great things cosmetic surgeons can offer their patients. There are three main points that I believe are the keys to driving the cosmetic surgery industry throughout 2010.

    First is the new, emerging technologies and applications. The advancement of lasers and the prolific results they can provide to the patients continues to impress practitioners. Some of the most significant changes have occurred in the use of fractionated lasers, automated lipolysis and a few specialty areas such as the use of lasers in the treatment of nail fungus.

    Second is the great push with gynecologists pursuing cosmetic surgery. The scientific research incorporating the two has created the cosmetogynecology specialty. This specialty is fast growing and includes some of the best OB/GYNs practicing and continuing the education of cosmetic surgery.

    Third is the field of the less costly but highly effective cosmetic procedures. For example, there has been a high demand for fillers and laser oriented procedures that require less money and less downtime for recovery. As a result, the patient is saving some money and is able to return to work quicker. It is a win-win situation as long as patient safety is still being practiced.

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  • The aesthetic physician or the head of the group if several doctors work together.

    The financial shock we are trying to cope with has made us sharper. The star of the practice is what can make a difference for a cash paying consumer comparing several aesthetic practices during the online research.

    What can help you look more impressive in the eyes of today’s web surfing cosmetic patient?

    • It’s not about offering the same plastic surgery procedures every doctors offers these days – it’s about daring to work differently and offering innovative presentations of new treatment options with good results and minimum downtime
    • It’s not about general marketing with billboards and newspaper ads – it’s about authenticity with style and mostly online
    • It’s not about dreaming dreams about “buying an expensive laser system… and they will come” – it’s about educating, engaging and pursuing prospects to come for a free consult
    • It’s not about materialism – it’s about wealth of self, inside and out


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  • Do Your Homework Before Cosmetic Surgery

    I can’t agree more with Dr Christian Jessen in London, who is sad to say that the age of blind trust in your doctor is over: patients must take some responsibility and do their homework before committing to any invasive cosmetic surgery.

    Read the Warning: Women who look more Crimewatch than Baywatch are being promised miracles.

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  • Laser skin clinic – medical aesthetic center

    Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, CA

    Name of aesthetic doctor

    Dr. Timothy Jochen

    Laser treatments offered

    • IPL Photofacial treatment
    • Laser tattoo removal
    • Laser Hair Removal
    • ReFirme for skin tightening
    • Smoothbeam laser therapy for acne
    • CO2 laser skin resurfacing
    • VelaSmooth for body contouring and cellulite reduction
    • Fraxel laser treatments of wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and aging skin

    Other medical aesthetics offered

    • Chemical peels for face
    • Botox injections
    • Facial dermal fillers
    • Body Sculpting with Tumescent Liposuction
    • Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery
    • Leg vein treatments

    What other physicians and laser surgery centers can learn from this clinic

    • Business management skills
    • Quality, functionalities and productivity of the website
    • Use of online marketing and medical advertising tools
    • Use of cosmetic packages – customized aesthetic services and laser treatment bundles


    “You have to be really into your own numbers and really track it to see if it’s doable.
    I used to go more by my gut instinct — and I still kind of do. But I really do a lot of research now. I do a business plan for everything.
    Even now when I’m looking at something new, trying a new laser, I’ll write a business plan to see if it’s feasible, if the market’s right for it. It’s pretty boring, but I think it’s really helpful.
    There’s so much at stake when you’re running a business. If you make the wrong decision, it can ruin you.”

    “You have to stay on top of what parts of your practice are successful and what part isn’t. For example, in the medical field, we do a lot of procedures. Which ones are profitable? Which wasn’t? Where are advertising dollars paying off? Where are they not paying off?”

    “There’s been this huge increase in noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures. In the old days, all we had were facelifts, breast augs, nose jobs, those sorts of things. Fillers and neurotoxins have really revolutionized our field, as well as lasers.
    I think fillers and botox are extremely exciting because it’s like a lunchtime lift. You can get this done. It doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can look better without looking different.
    Lasers I have a strong interest in because I have an engineering background. To me, it’s technology and gadgets. I think they’re very interesting. We have one of the largest collections of lasers in the valley.”

    Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center website review by

    Design, look and feel 9
    Quality of content, procedures descriptions 8
    Functionalities and productivity 8
    Search engine optimization 8
    Interaction and engagement with visitors 8

    * Result of addition of all individual factors, each based on 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) scale, max score is 50.


    Would you like to get your website reviewed by

    Order your FREE report now!

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  • Hypatia Aesthetic & Laser center in Woodinville, WA was selected for the 2008 Best of Woodinville Award in the Physicians and Surgeons category by the Washington D.C. based U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

    The USLBA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USLBA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

    Hypatia Offers A Full Range of Treatments and Services 

    • CoolTouch CoolLipo laser lipolysis treatments to melt fat and tighten skin on the face and body. 
    • Thermage radiofrequency skin tightening and lifting for eyes, face, neck, body. 
    • Portrait Plasma skin rejuvenation – removes sun damage and creates new, smooth skin on: face, neck, chest, hands.
    • Fraxel laser treatments - acne scar treatment, skin tone evening, skin rejuvenation for face and hands, for any skin color.   
    • Contour Threadlift. 
    • Isolaz Laser acne clearing: face, chest, back (clears any type of acne), any skin color. 
    • Isolaz Laser hair reduction for face and body, any skin color. 
    • Isolaz skin rejuvenation.
    • Botox injections.
    • Silikon 1000 permanent lip augmentation. 
    • ArteFill permanent injectable wrinkle filler.
    • ElevessTM new temporary filler from Artes.
    • Juvederm injectable wrinkle filler. 
    • Sculptra facial contouring “liquid face lift”.
    • Radiesse facial filler, hand rejuvenation. 
    • Mesotherapy for the body.
    • Growth hormone replacement therapy.
    • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women and men.
    • hCG weight loss program.
    • Facial peels
    • Medical microdermabrasion.
    • Permanent cosmetics.
    • Other Treatments and Services.

    Why Hypatia Clinic?

    Hypatia Aesthetics & Laser Treatment Clinic is a small aesthetic laser center located 25 miles northeast of Seattle. Based on a review of their website and other available info, here is what LaserOffers can offer:

    1. Simple but smartly built website:

    • no fancy graphics,
    • clear and concise descriptions of all aesthetic procedures,
    • strong message about the aesthetic physician – Dr. Virginia Stevens,
    • interactive functionalities, including videos, RSS, blog and comments,
    • quality inbound and outbound links,
    • high overall  level of SEO.

    2. Optimal choice of popular aesthetic treatments:

    • dermal fillers,
    • lasers lipolysis,
    • laser skin tightening and rejuvenation
    • non-invasive or minimally invasive aesthetic treatments
    • breast and lip augmentation,
    • hormone therapy, and
    • medical diet

    Seems like a very good anti-aging package for any baby boomer in greater Seattle area.

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