Cosmetic Laser Surgery
Extensively illustrated with before and after images, procedural photographs, and supporting explanatory artwork, this practical, how-to guide contains everything readers need to successfully perform cosmetic laser surgery.

This is the text book of the laser cosmetic surgery.

For each procedure, the text covers the 3 R’s:

  • Recommendations regarding techniques
  • Risks associated with certain procedures, and
  • Results that can be expected.

Other chapters cover laser blepharoplasty, hair transplant and scalp reduction, laser techniques of scars, hair removal by laser, and laser treatment of leg veins.

  • Supplements basic laser texts by providing recommended techniques, risks and results.
  • Includes more than 200 before and after surgery color photographs, aiding physicians when discussing treatment options and expectations with patients.
  • Shows step-by-step, how-to descriptions with illustrations of performing each procedure.
  • Provides pearls of wisdom from professionals who have pioneered many of the procedures to help physicians avoid pitfalls and obtain better results.
  • Devotes an entire section to the important subject of skin resurfacing.


  1. Laser Tissue Interactions – R Rox Anderson and E Victor Ross
  2. Wound Healing – Tania J. Phillips and Ana P Lopez
  3. Resurfacing Tips with the CO2 Laser – Jay Burn
  4. Laser Resurfacing with the Er:YAG – Yardy Tse
  5. Laser Resurfacing with the CO2 and Er:YAG – Goldman & Fitzpatrick
  6. Laser Resurfacing of the Chest and Neck – Sriprachya-anunt, Goldman & Fitzpatrick
  7. Complications of Laser Resurfacing – M P Goldman, R E Fitzpatrick & Smith
  8. Non-Ablative Resurfacing Techniques – Gary Lask
  9. Laser Plastic Surgery – Sterling Baker
  10. Laser Treatment of Scars – Tina Alster and Tina West
  11. Laser Hair Removal – Christine Dierickx
  12. Laser Hair Transplantation – Mark Avram
  13. Laser Treatment of Leg Veins – Arielle B. Kauvar

This is a classic text book, which every laser practitioner must own and use: Cosmetic Laser Surgery

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