You get what you pay for – an old saying with 100% accuracy – applies as usual.

There have been many incidences in the media of late with reference to botched cosmetic surgery procedures and 9 times out of ten this seems to stem from paying too little and using unscrupulous practitioners who prey on the uniformed and the gullible.

Nothing against cosmetic dentists offering dermal fillers and simple laser treatments, but you should be very thorough in checking his background if he offers to perform breast augmentation surgery.

It really is crucial that you research any prospective cosmetic surgeon to ensure you will receive the best quality surgery and aftercare. You cannot guarantee this with a surgeon who is not accredited as they don’t have the strict regulation of association members.

These days, there are so many excellent non-invasive treatments, such as dermal fillers and/or laser treatments, and consumers should consider those first and well before taking the risks of any cosmetic surgery. Non-invasive procedures are effective, require minimum downtime if any, and can be safely done by a wide range of medical professionals.