Advertising for cosmetic surgery overseas is popping up everywhere and pricing is significantly cheaper. How effective and safe are these outfits?

Cosmetic tourism is a multi-million dollar industry. Marketing hype such as “Enjoy Fabulous Rainforest Vacation While Recovering From Your Tummy Tuck!” ignores the realities of medical standards and safety.

Long flights, particularly when combined with anaesthesia, have an unacceptable risk of the potentially lethal condition thrombo-embolism. In addition, lack of cohesive follow-up, being alone in a faraway country with its language and cultural barriers and other issues associated with travelling can be overwhelming. Medical malpractice claims are also rare in Latin America, Thailand or India.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery overseas there are things you should ensure first:

1) Your surgeon is well trained, reputable and you have met him prior to the surgery.
2) That the operation you are having is the right one for you not just the “menu de chef”.
3) That the operation is being performed in a safe environment and any prostheses used (such as breast implants) are of the highest quality.
4) That appropriate after-care is in place.

There are no guarantees with any surgery. A fact of life is the requirement from time to time for revisions to obtain the best possible result from your procedure. Who will be responsible for even minor adjustments as required? Think of your medical journey more as a business trip than a leisure junket. Your normal travel insurance will not cover you for problems related to surgery. team has done some research and we have found a large number of scammy ads in the U.S. Among legitimate offers Cosmetic Harmony came first in our due diligence review.

Review their offers (click the banner) but do your own research and request quotes from others.