A new research in the U.K. reveals that 10 per cent of women are now choosing at-home alternatives over visits to aesthetic medical clinics.

Many beauty professionals are reporting a new trend – correcting mistakes made by women who wrongly imagine they can effectively de-wrinkle their face or laser-remove hair in their own bathrooms.

Americans have access to many devices, which can be useful for daily skin care. However, before pulling out their credit card consumers need to do their own research. A word of advice from LaserOffers.com:

  • cheap gadgets don’t work;
  • expensive devices may not get anywhere near to the efficacy of professional laser and radio frequency systems;
  • when you do anything at home, there is always risk of causing damage to your skin.
  • ‘Many companies are making grandiose claims for items which are just wasting your money.’

Most importantly, consumers should not fall into grandiose claims manufacturers make. If you cannot understand the technical specifications (few device manufacturers actually provide them) – consult with a medical professional who has reviewed the device.

LaserOffers provides such reviews and recommendations on carefully selected devices for home use. These devices should not be used instead of aesthetic treatments by medical professionals, but rather in addition to doctor recommended procedures and, ideally, after they have been cleared for your use at home by the doctor.