If you think that looking old is a downer this post and the article that prompted it is for you. However, if this advice makes you feel like you are the second sex, the discussion may also be interesting for you. Argument is useful in these cases, especially when it is online and anonymous.

Charla Krupp, who wrote the essential 2008 bestseller “How Not to Look Old”, says appearing younger and hip is even more important in tough economic times. “When I wrote [my book] I cared about women staying in their jobs longer. Now that everybody is being let go, women need to have a competitive edge.”

That doesn’t just mean working harder – it means not looking dated. “No one wants to work with old ladies!” exclaims Krupp, appearing anything but in her chic print dress with her glowing skin. “It’s not like you’re trying to look like you’re 20 years old,” she says. “You just want to look fresh, current and ageless. You want to look modern.” You definitely don’t want to look what she calls OL (Old Lady).

Apparently inspired by Charla, Lois Draegin wrote an article in MSN Lifestyle today, which sparkled an interesting debate.

My personal favorite tips are:

  • Don’t wear reading glasses on a chain around your neck.
  • Don’t use think pink lipstick.
  • Groom your eyebrows.
  • Buy new bras.
  • Skip plastic surgery.

I can certainly see why the article caused some anger in the comments. In addition to many other controversial statements, Krupp’s advice may cost over $5,000 to start with, and most of the components will last you for a day. Not a very smart investment!

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