Patients can have bigger dreams when you break costs into smaller pieces.

When the economy is down, people tend to cut cosmetic procedures from their budgets, as they see it as a “want” instead of a “need.” For doctors this can mean fewer procedures in their practices. There are many credit card based financial products that can help patients realize that the procedures they have been wanting are affordable – even in today’s economy. Plans are available for 18 and 24 month no interest plans as well as 48 month extended payment plans that help break total costs into more manageable monthly payments. In addition, there are no down payments, so patients can get their treatments started faster.

Practices can save valuable time with the online reporting system that lets them submit applications electronically, view application statuses, track patient financing performance and even set goals for the upcoming year.

Note from

Practitioners should not provide links to these financing offers on their websites. Instead, publish a statement, which clearly says that financing is available and have your patients come to the office, where your staff will help them submit the application, explain all benefits and schedule the procedure.