Laser hair removal is a very mature market in the U.S. and costs do not vary dramatically for comparable types of facilities.

There are clinics and franchises that specialize exclusively in laser hair removal. Typically these facilities provide a high level of safety, customer satisfaction and long lasting results. However, since the actual procedures are not administered by a doctor, you should check the track record of the specific facility and the technician who will work with you.

There are fly-by-night medspas, which can offer the lowest price and the highest risk. These are typically operated by aestheticians. A medical doctor would sign off their charts without actually seeing the patient. More due diligence is required before you can accept their offer.

Many physician’s offices have started offering laser hair removal as an add-on ancillary service. Treatments are usually done by physicians and carry the lowest level of risk for the patient. The physician’s fees may be on a higher side, but doctors realize the spectrum of risk and appreciate the value of their license, so they can (and they should) command a higher fee.

You can get a good idea of the laser hair removal costs by reviewing the following useful resources:

Interactive map of LHR costs