Today, people are doing all they can to ensure their job security. Taking prolonged periods away from their job could result in termination: if a company can get along without you for a couple of weeks then you obviously aren’t that valuable.

Thus the cosmetic surgery industry has seen a significant increase in the non-invasive and less costly procedures including Botox, other injectables and aesthetic laser treatments. The reasons for this increase is because these types of procedures are extremely effective but require less or no downtime and allow the patient to return to work quicker, sometimes literally after lunch.

Cosmetic procedures are becoming an integral part of employee’s routines to look their best for their jobs. Looking young and feeling young can be a strong component to get or keep a job – that is why more people are seeking affordable but effective cosmetic procedures.

During this harsh economic time, it is important to realize all the great things cosmetic surgery and aesthetic clinics can offer. There are at least three key factors that will drive the aesthetic demand and cosmetic surgery industry in 2009.

First is the new, emerging technology within the industry. There is the advancement of laser technologies and the prolific results new lasers can provide to the patients. Laser get safer, more versatile and provide much better results.

Second is the great push with gynecologists and some forward-looking family physicians pursuing cosmetic surgery. The scientific research incorporating the two has created the cosmetogynecology specialty. This specialty is fast growing and includes some of the best OB/GYNs practicing and continuing the education of cosmetic surgery. As medicine transforms into anti-aging more physicians will add aesthetic treatments to their core practices.

Third are the declining costs of highly effective cosmetic procedures. There is a strong demand for dermal fillers and lasers – and the cost of treatments and the downtime for recovery continue to drop. The patient is saving some money and is able to return to work quicker. If the patient is happy – she or he will come back to the practice for more. It is a win-win situation both for the patient and for the aesthetic practice.