Aesthetic laser treatments done to remove hair or improve wrinkles and fine lines on the face is a discretionary item. It’s not reimbursed by insurance companies or Medicare, and has to come out of the consumer’s pocket. And these are pretty pricey treatments. We’re talking about $3,000 or more just for some hair removal. With the U.S. economy off a cliff consumers tend to tighten up on this kind of spending.

Hair removal, which has been the most popular laser procedure is showing signs of maturity, and is slowing down. Further decline in growth is inevitable.

The newer treatments like the fine line, wrinkle removal and facial lesion removal – improving the skin, resurfacing skin tissue – those markets are growing because they are relatively new and consumers’ awareness of the benefits is improving. Even factoring the worsening economic environment, these markets will grow 10-15% in 2009.