Recent ads about home-based laser hair removal has left many consumers wondering about optimal and effective permanent hair removal options.

There are several home-based devices heavily advertised for their obvious advantage: you can use it at home. A couple of thoughts to add to your laser hair removal directory.

For $200 you can get a no!no! – a hair remover used at home that gives about 64 percent reduction in hair growth “over time.” The no!no! device uses a thermacon tip containing “Hot Blades” (which are not really blades) that house thermodynamic wires. While gliding the device over the skin, the thermal transference conducts a gentle pulse of heat to the hair resulting in crystallized hair. 

Zap it — with the Tria Laser, which uses “Diffuse Radiance Technology,” which transforms the Class IV laser diode used in a professional setting into a Class I laser diode. The Tria’s photothermolysis system targets the dark pigment of the hair causing it to gradually fall out or stop growing after six to eight treatments. For $795, you’ll see results in six to eight months.

no! no! and a few other devices that recently popped up in the U.S. market, are not lasers, to start with. These devices with similar promises may give you a 64 percent reduction in hair growth. The key word in the advertising is “over time”, which I interpret as “use it as often as possible for a long period of time”. Lifetime?

Tria is a laser. To get some results, you must have naturally medium brown, dark brown, or black hair and your skin color must be white, ivory, beige or light brown. I have seen so many people qualifying for good laser hair removal results and yet struggling for many months to endure multiple painful treatments with high power Class IV medical lasers to achieve desired 80-85% reduction, that I find it hard to believe in this low power diode. I can rate it a notch above no! no! but not far above waxing.  

The most effective, and therefore appealing of the hair-removal options on the market is professional laser hair removal. Why? Because it is the only one that really works! Do your local search, e.g. “laser hair removal new york”, “laser hair removal ny”, “suffolk laser hair removal”, “laser hair removal DC”, or “laser hair removal NJ”. Get serious! You are doing this for your own self!