It’s a popular trend among teenagers and those in their 20′s. We’re talking about tattoos, and more than a third of young people under 25 have at least one, according to the Harris Interactive Poll. But what happens when you no longer want that permanent art on your body?

Here is a report from Honolulu

With tattoos’ popularity (about 45 million Americans sport this┬ápermanent body art), there is a growing niche among doctors who perform tattoo removal surgery. Thanks to laser technology, the process is less painful than it used to be.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser pulverizes the ink particles and the body’s immune system “eats” these particles, takes them deeper into the skin and eventually removes them from the body.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The reality is, of course, a lot more complicated than the report referenced above, as 100,000 Americans get their tattoos removed each year. Pain and suffering, multiple (12-20) laser sessions, scabbing of the area, hypopigmentation (white lines and spots on the skin) are very common.