We’d all like to believe that we can get and keep jobs based on talent and effort, but these days, many people feel their appearance plays a bigger part than ever before. So, despite tight budgets, job seekers are spending money on cosmetic procedures to increase their employee appeal.

In addition to doctors’ anecdotal accounts of patients citing the tough job market as motivation for undergoing surgical and non-invasive procedures, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is reporting that 13% of women recently surveyed would consider having a cosmetic procedure to get a competitive edge while interviewing for jobs. Three percent already had.

Those who are already employed are contributing to the continuing rise in less-invasive procedures, not only because they do not want to spend a greater amount of money on more extensive procedures, but because they believe surgery requiring a lengthy recovery time could put their jobs at risk in the current economic climate.


Laser treatments provide the obvious compromise: good results at an affordable price and no downtime.