The SelectScan portable fractional hand piece offers physicians a cost-effective way to convert their CO2 lasers into a fractional system. The conversion enables the CO2 owner to offer a wider array of services including the ability to meet patient demand for the popular fractionated procedures.

A distinct advantage of the SelectScan portable fractional hand piece, according to the company, is that it affords the physician the option of choosing the best applicable treatment parameters from among 8 different scan patterns. Based on patients’ needs and available recovery time, the SelectScan portable fractional hand piece can be used for procedures ranging from micro-ablative to conventional deep ablative. The deeper dermal penetration scanning mode removes unwanted skin cells and wrinkles while simultaneously effecting long-term remodeling of collagen.

Still recognized as the gold standard for facial rejuvenation and tissue tightening CO2 ablative procedures have, however, declined in popularity over the past few years, in part due to the post-procedure downtime patients experience.

Conversely, fractional CO2 resurfacing is rapidly growing in popularity. In this procedure the laser beams ablate defined tiny areas without damaging the surrounding skin. The fact that the entire epidermis is not ablated accounts for the rapid healing time; and, the skin not targeted by the laser beams triggers a natural healing process that effects skin tightening and promotes collagen genesis.

SelectScan CO2 fractionated treatment is a 30 minute in-office procedure requiring only topical anesthetic. FDA cleared, the SelectScan CO2 portable fractional hand piece uses no consumables and has been used on over 500 patients.