Photoaging of the skin is a fact of life. Unpleasant, but manageable. Lasers and light-based treatments are extremely useful tools, which should be used by all clinics offering complex anti-aging services.

To obtain the most successful results, protocols involving single or combination systems can be used, depending on skin type and the stage of the photodamage. In the last years, the trend is to choose noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments, with the aim of reducing the risk of side effects, complications, and, most importantly, the downtime.

Selective photothermolysis by lasers and intense pulse light devices is presently considered the most suitable technique by a growing number of practitioners. A large range of wavelengths can be used to safely achieve good results for patients with fair skin. The 1064 nm Nd:YAG has become the golden standard for treating the skin of color.

Photodynamic therapy is another effective tool in photoaging treatment, especially in the presence of precancerous conditions.

In mild and severe photoaging, ablative laser resurfacing is a particularly successful technique, although requiring a more skilled hand.

New systems using fractional photothermolysis are gaining ground in the marketplace. The non-ablative group has yet to prove its advantages over established technologies. The newest trend is ablative fractional lasers. More research of the efficacy of these devices in direct comparison with existing ablative lasers will be required to prove the claimed and percieved higher efficacy and less risks.

Obviously, lasers and light-based treatments alone might not be sufficient to control all aging symptoms. Combination treatment with botulinum toxin, filling agents, chemical peels, systemic and topic antioxidants should be used to improve the final clinical outcome.

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