Medical spas (medspa) is the most popular word in the names of practices owned and operated by aesthetic physicians. The field of aesthetic medicine is growing rapidly as more and more people want rejuvenating treatments and procedures that require minimal downtime.

Medical aesthetic treatments go far beyond the mud baths, fruit peels and therapeutic massages found at most day spas. Treatments at many medical spas, health and wellness clinics and plastic surgery offices are more intense and offer much more noticeable results.

Aesthetic medicine includes all procedures in the field of aesthetics except surgical procedures requiring an operating table and general anesthesia. Aesthetic procedures include dermal fillers such as Botox, Juvederm and Restalyne, laser resurfacing with skin tightening, permanent hair reduction, photorejuvenation, light-based acne treatments, pigment and vascular skin conditions improvement, body contouring and many more.

Medspas fill the niche, that has been largely ignored by plastic and cosmetic surgeons, who have until recently focused on high ticket plastic surgeries. In most medspas people can walk in and get Botox done, or get an appointment for a photorejuvenation session within the next couple of days. Medspas are convenient and much more accessible than a typical plastic surgeon’s or dermatologist’s office.

Aesthetic medicine is a nationwide trend and a growing field for physicians. A lot of family practice doctors and internists, fatigued by the U.S. managed care system, are opting into this field, which offers professional satisfaction and a much better pay. Patients like the noninvasive aspect of the treatments. Recent advances in laser technologies offer aesthetic physicians affordable tools to achieve very good results with minimal downtime.


GeneSphere, with patented QuSomes, is a cosmetic in-home use alternative to Botox┬«. Microscopic QuSomes carry super absorbent spheres of Hyaluronic Acid deep into the epidermis where they nestle beneath each wrinkle. The spheres absorb the body’s natural moisture and expand, gently lifting wrinkles from beneath.

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