Temporary or permanent? A new survey by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons suggests that patients who choose permanent fillers experience more complications than those who select other types of fillers.

Complications? Distorted or malformed appearance of the patient’s skin.

In fact, one in four UK surgeons has seen patients with complications from permanent fillers. And one in five saw a patient who needed surgery to correct the problem.

The UK doctors surveyed said the reason for complications was unqualified practitioners administering fillers incorrectly, and studies by the U.S. FDA confirm that U.S. patients who experienced adverse events are mainly the result of injection by an unqualified provider.

Doctors advise patients to accept only approved fillers, from injections prescribed by a physician. And, they urge consumers to ask the provider to be very specific about his or her qualifications.

Watch this video covering the report.