There is an excellent story with recommendations for a few typical plastic surgeries in Great Britain published today in MailOnline.

Anastasia Stephens, 37, a writer and holisitic health expert in London, underwent a surgical procedure to remove hereditary eye-bags that made her look haggard, even after a good night’s sleep. After the cosmetic surgeon had scraped out two bags of fat from beneath each eye, she couldn’t have been happier.

Ten years later, her eyes had prematurely aged. Having the fat removed had loosened the skin under them, and over time, this has wrinkled more than it would have, and in an unnatural way. Lots of lines developed directly under each lower eyelid where the bags used to be.

She recently discovered that a few affordable laser procedures could tighten the skin under her eyes and reduce the wrinkles. She saw the effect after the third treatment and was relieved completely as she realised that her condition can be safely treated without the knife, and the results would last for many years to come.

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