With so many salons, medspas and clinics advertising permanent hair removal, there’s a lot to look for if you want your money’s worth.

Both IPL machines and lasers are good for hair removal depending on hair type, skin type, growth rate and a variety of other factors. Lasers will most likely require fewer treatments, they are less painful, more suitable for darker and tanned skin, and generally safer than IPLs.

Costs of laser hair removal will vary greatly depending on a location, provider competition and the type of provider. Google “laser hair removal new york” and “laser hair removal maitland” – and you’ll see the point.

What is truly important is to research clinics and machines before getting started. It’s not just about price, it’s about cleanliness and the pain-factor and permanence. Do a consultation, get a patch test, and see if the office is well-educated and can answer your questions. 

Look for a clinic or spa with experienced providers, updated equipment and strong anti-septic practices. Alcohol is not sufficient to kill herpes, hepatitis C or the flu virus. Cleanliness is critical in this industry, especially if they will be working on intimate areas of your body.