Dr Vijay Sharma, the President of the Indian Association of Cosmetic Surgeryand Dr. Kiran Naik of the Chicago Cosmetic Surgery Centre have independently stated that Botox — the biggest fad in cosmetic procedures — is also “the biggest fraud”. The injectible contains bacteria that paralyses muscles on being injected into the skin, giving a ‘youthful’ wrinkle-free appearance.

But because the effect of Botox is temporary, regular touch-ups are essential. “In the case of frequent use, the damage to the muscles may force a patient to undergo a face-lift at an early age. This scam allows for doctors and dermatologists to set themselves up for a steady income from their patients.” warns Sharma.

It goes without saying that the glamour business is the biggest hunting ground for cosmetic surgeons. In their ceaseless quest to look picture perfect, many top movie stars have undergone “beautification’ surgeries”, often with nasty complications, but preferred to remain tight-lipped.

Long term Botox complications are still understudied, but these opinions are hard to ignore. It is quite likely that heavy users of Botox will come back for a more serious surgical treatment, which, of course, will be available at a price. Those voluptuous lips many movie stars are carrying around are a part of their backsides. With age the latter resource will be useful for the Botox repair.