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Spectral colors and wavelengths

This chart shows colors of the visible light spectrum, and the associated wavelengths in nanometers. Ranges are traditionally given as:

  • ultraviolet light: 100-400 nm;
  • visible light: 400-750 nm; and
  • infrared light: 750 nm-1 mm.

Spectrum of light diagram

Major Laser Wavelengths

This chart shows common types of lasers, and the major wavelengths associated with them.

Lasing Medium Laser Type Wavelength
Er:Glass Solid State 1540nm

Cr:Forsterite Solid State 1150-1350nm
HeNe Gas 1152nm
Argon Gas-Ion 1090 nm
Nd:YAP Solid State 1080nm
Nd:YAG Solid State 1064nm
Nd:Glass Solid State 1060nm
Nd:YLF Solid State 1053nm
Nd:YLF Solid State 1047nm
InGaAs Semiconductor 980nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 799.3 nm
Cr:LiSAF Solid State 780-1060nm
GaAs/GaAlAs Semiconductor 780-905nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 752.5 nm
Ti:Sapphire Solid State 700-1000nm

Ruby Solid State 694 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 676.4 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 647.1 nm
InGaAlP Semiconductor 635-660 nm
HeNe Gas 633 nm
Ruby Solid State 628 nm
HeNe Gas 612 nm
HeNe Gas 594 nm
Cu Metal vapor 578 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 568.2 nm
HeNe Gas 543 nm
DPSS Semiconductor 532 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 530.9 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 514.5 nm
Cu Metal vapor 511 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 501.7 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 496.5 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 488.0 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 476.5 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 457.9 nm
HeCd Gas-Ion 442 nm
N2+ Gas 428 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 416 nm

Argon Gas-Ion 364nm (UV-A)
XeF Gas (excimer) 351nm (UV-A)
N2 Gas 337nm (UV-A)
XeCl Gas (excimer) 308nm (UV-B)

Krypton SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 284 nm (UV-B)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 264 nm (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 257 nm (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 250 nm (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 248 nm (UV-C)
KrF Gas (excimer) 248 nm (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 244 nm (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 238 nm (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 229 nm (UV-C)
KrCl Gas (excimer) 222 nm (UV-C)
ArF Gas (excimer) 193 nm (UV-C)

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