The aesthetic physician or the head of the group if several doctors work together.

The financial shock we are trying to cope with has made us sharper. The star of the practice is what can make a difference for a cash paying consumer comparing several aesthetic practices during the online research.

What can help you look more impressive in the eyes of today’s web surfing cosmetic patient?

  • It’s not about offering the same plastic surgery procedures every doctors offers these days – it’s about daring to work differently and offering innovative presentations of new treatment options with good results and minimum downtime
  • It’s not about general marketing with billboards and newspaper ads – it’s about authenticity with style and mostly online
  • It’s not about dreaming dreams about “buying an expensive laser system… and they will come” – it’s about educating, engaging and pursuing prospects to come for a free consult
  • It’s not about materialism – it’s about wealth of self, inside and out