There is a good article at, which deals with the subject staff has been covering in the last couple of months – the trend towards less expensive surgery and more affordable non-invasive treatments. ”Women who would really benefit most from a facelift would do well to consider the long-term cost of a series of non-invasive treatments versus surgery. One surgeon noted that while facelifts aren’t cheap, the beneficial effects typically last up to 10 years. You can pay as much or more for 10 years of injections with less dramatic results”.

Facial plastic surgeons are experiencing a slowdown in demand for high-ticket plastic surgery. Some of them are trying to adapt and offer new services with the use of non-invasive tools like injectables, chemical peels, lasers and other treatments.

We believe that given the current economic situation, rapid development of the anti-aging medicine and the downtime associated with major plastic surgeries, we will see many more traditional plastic surgeons expand their practices by offering non-invasive and routine maintenance services such as photorejuvenation and dermal injectables.